GCA is present in the community to give non-medical advice about cancer, providing pamphlets and brochures.

Financial Assistance

We provide assistance to help relieve the financial burden caused by a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is offered on an individual basis and may be applied for each year during treatment.

Medical Co-Pays and Prescriptions

Payment will be made to an authorized doctor or hospital for cancer-related appointments or treatment received. Patients can also be reimbursed for co-payments or cancer-related prescriptions by submitting proof of payment.


Mileage reimbursement may be provided to patients for transportation to cancer-related treatments and/or appointments.

Click here to download the mileage form

Home Health Care, Equipment, or Supplies

Funds may be provided to patients receiving home health services and/or equipment not covered by health insurance. Some items may be available for loan from us.


Assistance for child care fees incurred during patient treatments may also be reimbursed.

To Download an application for assistance, please Click Here for the Cover Letter and Click Here for the Form.

Simply Beautiful

A free monthly program designed to help patients with cancer deal with hair loss and skin changes. The program provides helpful ideas for make up application and skin care needs due to treatment. Our stylists will assist you using cosmetics that are suited for your skin tone. A complimentary bag of make up and skin care products will be given to each participant.

During the session, catalogs are available for you to browse through and we will help you choose a wig if one is needed. You will be shown how to properly care for your wig and given an individualized appointment to style it for you. A demonstration will be provided for alternatives to wearing a wig such as turbans, scarves, or hats.

Our stylists have many years of experience working with cancer patients. They volunteer their time to provide this program at to no expense to you. They are licensed and have completed training with wigs, cosmetics, and skin care. The program lasts approximately 2 hours and when finished, you are Simply Beautiful.

Wigs, hats, etc. are available at our office as well. If a wig is not available to fit your needs, you will be referred to a local, reputable supplier for assistance in the purchase of one.

All applicants to Genesee Cancer Assistance, Inc. are eligible to participate in this program. This is offered in addition to the financial assistance and other services that we offer. Pre-registration is required, however. Please register by Clicking Here, or you may contact us our office if you would like more information.

Support and Counseling

In cooperation with Grace Baptist Church, located on Vine Street in Batavia, free Christian-based counseling services for patients and families are offered. This service is designed to offer hope during the journey with the desire to encourage, equip, and empower those affected by cancer.  To learn more, please contact us, or call the church directly at (585) 343-0729; ext. 3.

Additionally, there is a monthly support group that is offered by Healthy Living. For more information regarding this service, contact us at (585) 345-0417.