Genesee Cancer Assistance is a registered 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit. Our services are provided free of charge. The questions most commonly asked of us are “Where does your money come from?” and “How can we help?” We need your help in the form of funding, volunteer assistance, memorials, in-kind donations, support of fund raising drives, etc.


The greatest gift of all is that of self. Our volunteers give countless precious hours as board members, and as committee members, who raise funds, write newsletters, and share their expertise whenever needed.

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  • FUNDING: Genesee Cancer Assistance, Inc. does not receive any funding from governmental agencies or medical insurance companies. 100% of our support comes from charitable sources. All monies are used to help Genesee County cancer patients Even the smallest gifts make a difference and are greatly appreciated.
  • IN-KIND DONATIONS: Some of our support takes the form of items, which are needed, for our organization. A “wish list” is available upon request.
  • MATCHING FUNDS: If an employer offers to match an employee’s charitable contribution, please let them know about your gift to us.
  • WILLS/ENDOWMENTS/LEGACY PROGRAMS: We believe that the future of Genesee Cancer Assistance, Inc. will rely on the wisdom of those who have the vision to provide us with financial long term security by designating larger gifts through yearly pledges or wills.
  • UNITED WAY: Genesee Cancer Assistance, Inc. is approved as a Donor Option Agency for Genesee County. Donor option 2312
  • PUBLICITY: Any articles such as “Letters to the Editor” the patient can write to publish the assistance given by Genesee Cancer Assistance, Inc. to help spread the word about our mission will be greatly appreciated.